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The goals

Either you want to live your island dream in Paros, through the acquisition of a property, or you plan to invest in the real estate / construction sector in one of the most promising areas of the country, Island Domus can locate and create the right property for you.

If you want to sell a property, our team can help you find the right buyer and achieve the best deal for you.

No matter what your next move in Paros is, let our team of experts handle the administrative work while you enjoy the satisfaction of a successful decision and the creative part of discussing your future plans with us.

The tools

Provision of the proper information and advice by our network of experienced and specialized collaborators.

Communication in your language. Islandomus’ team has an international portfolio of projects in the real estate and construction industry, working with people from across the globe in multiple languages.

We combine the local knowledge (of people, property owners, customs, details and facts that can affect the value of your future property) with the experience of a contemporary management of a real estate and construction projects.

Our team consists of real estate agents, engineers (architects, civil engineers, topographers, electrical and mechanical engineers), lawyers, notaries and tax accountants. We also collaborate as well with major Greek bank institutions in order to assist you efficiently, in case of financial needs, or any other required banking services.

A well selected group of subcontractors from all the construction related fields can provide you with alternatives, in order to achieve the best combination of cost, time and quality.

This give us the ability to be your single source partner for navigating the entire real estate / construction project. We offer personalized following through, by an assigned coordinator, dedicated to your project.

Values and motivations

All the above could remain empty words if the proper values and motivations are missing.

Island Domus stands for:

  • Professionalism (expertise and commitment to timely communication, hard work, effectiveness and quality services with attention to detail)

  • Integrity (building trust is a central part of our philosophy)

  • Passion (we love our job and our life in Paros)

  • Appreciation and respect for its clients, satisfying their needs and building long-lasting relationships with them


Island Domus
Marpissa, Paros 84400, Cyclades, Greece
Vereniki Vasileiadi
Tel: +30 2284045369
Mob: +30 6978169397

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